Texas Hold ‘Em: One Showdown After Another!

The Texas Hold ‘Em craze is not slowing down, and online poker sites are offering new variations to keep the game vibrant. Perhaps the biggest complaint from the online poker player – other than losing – is how long it often takes to play a game. A multi-table tournament with a group of patient, sophisticated players can simply be a lengthy ordeal. Plus, you will often find yourself in a game with a player who is distracted (either playing more than one game, reading a book while playing, painting their toenails, or something), taking way too much time to make their decision.

The single nine player Sit and Go table was the first attempt to confine the time requirements of the game. Then came the six player game, and finally the heads up version. Next came the “turbo” version where a player was given less time to make a decision and the blinds increased at a more rapid rate. Now, we have the “super turbo” version where the “turbo” game is played with a short stack. Online poker rooms may have hit a home run with this one, because not only is it quick, but it is a whole new level of fun and excitement.

One of the more popular versions is the “Super Turbo” game at Full Tilt Poker. The blinds increase every three minutes. But, the biggest change is that you start with a short stack of 300 chips, only 10 times the original Big Blind. Playing a short stack always requires just the right amount of patience and aggression. You will not get very many opportunities to double up, but when one presents itself you don’t want to miss it. 텍사스홀덤

In this short stack version of Texas Hold ‘Em, there are essentially two results to a hand. The most likely is that all players fold to one – generally before the flop, otherwise right after. The other is that two or more players are all in. You want to keep your chips out of the middle unless you will be willing to push them all in. If you try to bet something less, it is very likely that someone will come over the top demanding you put it all at risk. If you aren’t prepared to do that, you will have dramatically shrunk you stack by pushing a huge part of it out on the table.

So what am I looking for when I play Super Turbo Texas Hold ‘Em? Give me a coin flip or better, and I will push my money in almost every time. If someone has pushed ahead of me, I will give some consideration as to whether I believe I have the better hand, e.g., less likely if I have a small pair, in which case, I might fold. But, otherwise, I am shoving them all to the center with a 50-50 shot. That’s any pair or two likely overcards, or to be more specific:

Pair v. 2 undercards 83%
Pair v. lower pair 82%
Pair v. 1 overcarrd, 1 undercard 71%
2 overcards v. 2 undercards 63%
Pair v. 2 overcards 55%

That’s the guts of the game. One showdown after another!

Position can be used in “Super Turbo” Hold ‘Em to buy a blind or two, which is useful to get back the blinds you have had to let go (there is no “protecting your children” in “Super Turbo”). But, largely it’s a game where you set and wait, then given the chance, pounce. Of course, you will lose some of these attempts to double up. But over the long run, the probabilities will work out.

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