Creating a Personal Survival Keychain

Everyone knows the importance of being prepared in case of emergency. There are many websites and articles on setting up emergency kits for your home and car, but what if you’re walking around and suddenly find yourself in trouble? You could be hiking, biking, or walking through a park or wooded area and become lost. Perhaps your car gets stranded and while you’re trekking to the nearest gas station, you feel someone following you, what would you do? The answer is to create a personal survival keychain; a collection of mini-sized emergency supplies always available at your fingertips. This article will take you step-by-step through the making of a personal emergency keychain.

Purchase a Keychain acrylic charms

The first thing you will need for your personal survival kit is the right keychain that is easy to take things off and put things on as well as one that isn’t too bulky. There are two types of key chains that are superior – carbine key chains and the two-part ones that easily pull apart. I prefer the two piece key chains because they are easier to pull apart and put together. However you may have to replace these more often due to a tendency for the connector to wear out.

Purchase a Multi-purpose tool

A Swiss army knife can work just as well as a multi-purpose tool since they both have similar pieces included. The important features to look for are a screwdriver, a small saw tooth blade, a moderately durable knife, scissors, can and bottle openers and finally a corkscrew. A good bonus item is a pair of tweezers since cuts and splinters are likely in the “wilderness.”

Purchase Some Personal Safety Supplies

As if surviving on your own wasn’t scary enough, now you have to worry about protecting yourself from the creeps and the creepy crawlers out there. An ordinary plastic safety whistle should be good enough to do the job while being very light to carry around. Pepper spray is also relatively easy to find, buy and carry around. If you’re every in serious danger of getting attacked – pepper spray can give you the few seconds needed to get away.

Purchase Supplies to Help You See

Every year as I’m walking around the camping department of my local sporting goods store, I find flashlights are getting smaller and smaller, yet brighter and brighter at the same time. A simple mini LED flashlight that turns on with a squeeze is more than sufficient in this case. So you can saw, spray, and see…what else is there?

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