How My Small Online Book Selling Business Saved My Family

Family is very important to me and getting the opportunity to have my wife stay at home with our daughter is priceless. These simple, unwanted books that you find in thrift stores, at library sales, in garages and stuffed in just about any nook and cranny that you can think of made this happen for me. Pretty hard to believe, huh?

I’m not going to write this article on how to sell books on the Internet. I believe I’ve written about that to a great extent in my blog that you can access at the bottom of this article. Rather, I’m going to explain to you the outcome this small, extremely easy to get into, no risk business has changed me and my family’s lives and how it can for you also.

A year ago, I started selling some old books that I had laying around and made a few hundred bucks. I liked the idea of easy money so I went out and found me a few dozen books and started selling them also. I continued to do this only half-heartedly until a couple months went by and I learned that I was going to be a daddy for the first time. My wife and I had a talk about how we wanted her to stay at home but could not afford to due to my lower than needed salary. This is when my once small side business kicked into gear. I registered it as an official business not long after that and began acquiring thousands instead of dozens of books and the rest is history.

If you are in need of some extra money to make ends meet selling books on the Internet is one of the best ways to do this, in my opinion. Anyone can do it, it takes hardly no skill at first to sell your first few books and requires hardly no capital to get started. You can easily pick up a few books around your area for a buck or two and sell them on the Internet for $10, $50 or even hundreds! I’ve done it numerous times.

Selling books online is work; pure and simple, but very rewarding as well. However, this business may not be for you for a number of reasons. When deciding if making money on the Internet by selling books is for you, think about these points. how to sell a business quickly

1. Time How much time do you currently have in your daily schedule? If you already have a full time job, this may come into play. If you have a job where you’re working 60 hours/week already, time may be a factor when deciding to pursue this business opportunity. Evaluate your current situation by categorizing your time by current job, family time, personal time, etc. Do you have some time to cut out those hours of TV you watch on the weekend? Can you forego those trips to the shopping plaza on the weekend to concentrate on selling books? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. If you find that you don’t have the time, then you’ll either need to modify your schedule by removing less productive activities or, if these activities are simply too important to remove, decide that a side business just isn’t for you.

2. Dedication You will never make any money at selling books on the Internet if you don’t have any dedication. You have to have dedication if you are going to be even semi-successful. If you lack dedication, you will soon find yourself extremely bored, hating selling books just as much as you might a full time job. This is not how it should be. I find selling books on the Internet relaxing and rewarding since I report to no one and have a sense of pride knowing that I am bringing in this extra money on my own. You will need some dedication to make this business work for you. You don’t have to be brimming with pride and solely dedicating your life to this business but if the interest simply is not there, you’ll eventually come tired, resentful and hate doing your daily or weekly order fulfillment to ship off the books to the customers.

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