HVAC Repair By Season

When it’s time to plan your yearly HVAC checkup, it makes a lot of sense to “pick your battles”, so to speak. If you own your own home, you may as well save yourself a lot of stress by being proactive with your heating & air conditioning maintenance. In this article we’ll look at some of the best and worst times to schedule a visit from the heating unit repair company.

Whether the repairman’s visit is due to issues with your home’s heating or air conditioning units, you had better realize that it does make a difference economically whether these services are performed by the company in spring, summer, fall, or winter. The time of the year that repairs are performed matters just as much as the individual company you hire to perform these services. Whether your heating unit or air conditioning units need repair, or you need to call in help to fix faulty ducts or ventilation units, the major question you need to ask yourself remains the same: when is the best time to throw in the towel and request professional backup? furnace repair nj

To begin with, spring is an excellent time to call upon your HVAC repairman for an annual air conditioning system checkup. For one thing, you’re scheduling far out of season, which means that there won’t exactly be a multitude of others beating down the doors of your HVAC repairman all at once. And you won’t have to pay premium prices for services which themselves are at a premium during the hotter months of the year. Be proactive, and schedule your checkup months ahead. When your air conditioning checkup is complete, you’ll be a leg up on the rest of your neighbors, and ready for the warmer months ahead. It’s the common sense thing to do.

Summer, of course, is the worst time to schedule an air conditioning checkup, so don’t do it unless you absolutely have to. Before you pay an arm and a leg for costly HVAC service, you might want to consider adopting a couple of quick fix-it suggestions. For one thing, do a little summer time “spring cleaning” on your air conditioning unit. This means checking all around your unit, inside and out, and giving the entire apparatus a good once over. Make sure all the dust, debris, and grime that may have accumulated over the past few months or years is completely wiped away. Make extra sure that you religiously change the filter out. Do so at least once a month. Check your thermostat, in order to be sure that it is functioning correctly.

If none of these suggestions seem to solve the problems you may be having, then you’ll just have to bite the bullet and make the call. Keep in mind that this is the worst time of year to call for HVAC services. Indeed, your service repair technician may have a hard time scheduling a visit to your home. He will very likely have a massive backlog of clientele who have a prior claim on his services during this busiest of all HVAC company seasons. So, if you really think you need HVAC service, be prepared to make a substantial investment both in waiting time and monetary expense. The company will get back to you, of course. But when this occurs is a matter of some speculation during the summer.

During the fall season, your proactive speculations should turn to just how well your heating unit is going to hold up during the winter. You should definitely consider getting a full checkup on your furnace unit. You should also get all of your vents and ducts cleaned, in order to ensure that they provide efficient, cost effective heating during the chilly months. Don’t wait for the winter season to begin, because this is far and away the worst time to be in dire need of professional assistance from HVAC.

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